AUGUST 4 2015

Hello Calvin, thanks for your reply. I was enquiring for myself as after reading all the good  reviews on the trolley I was deciding on which push cart to purchase.  I can tell you that after receiving your email I will be hot footing it down to my nearest dealer in the UK to buy one and will be out on the course to try it out. Thanks again for your time.  Keith


JUNE 15 2015

I want to thank you for the wonderful customer service that you have provided over the years.  I purchased the flip n go cart several years ago.  I purchased it over the other 4 wheel carts mainly because the cart comes with the umbrella holder and the carrying case.  I have a convertible car.  I always have my cart and golf bag in my car as I golf 4 times a week.  In order for me to get the top of my convertible down, I must pull my golf clubs forward and put my golf cart in the front seat.  I don't have to worry about getting my car dirty because of the case!  I have had no major issues with the cart.  I did once think it needed new bearings as it was making a sound.  You guys sent them to me free of charge!  It actually turned out to be the brake line needed to be re-stretched a tiny bit.  Now you are sending me the umbrella holder band for free again!  Mine snapped.  I have received nothing but the utmost best service from Axglo and I can't thank you enough.


Crystal M


JUNE 5 2015

Calvin, Friday June 5th the parcel arrived. Thank you.
Calvin please pass this on to your  manager/supervisor, you have provided superior customer service. Something many companies these days are lacking. You responded right away and went above board contacting the post office to get this resolved. 
Great work Calvin.

Tony B

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