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Electric Golf Push Cart
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e5 Electric Golf Push Cart

Having Questions? Please Contact Us At or 1-416-292-1380 for more information

LCD Screen:

  • Colored LCD screen
  • Speed Indicator
  • Battery life
  • Lock/Unlock indicator
  • Follow me indicator
  • Remote control/Bluetooth connected indicator

Comes with Beverage holder and Umbrella holder

***All Electric Push-Carts are FINAL SALE


  • There are a total of five control modes available, which encompass follow me, power-assisted speed control, remote control, remote cruising, and manual pushing.
  • “Follow me” option where Axglo E5 will follow you everywhere you go
  • To utilize the power-assisted speed control feature (which offers a total of nine speeds), simply turn the central knob in a clockwise direction to increase the speed, and in an counter clockwise direction to decrease it.
  • The wireless remote control enables full directional control, allowing for movement in all directions such as forward, backward, leftward, and rightward.
  • With the remote cruising control feature, you can set your cart to run at a constant speed using one of its three available speeds. 
  • If the battery runs out of power or is not installed, the cart can be pushed manually.
  • Calibrated dual motors for efficiency and optimal handling
  • With our Patent Anti-Tipping Technology, our cart is capable of climbing up to a 40-degree slope on any terrain.
  • Effortless and easy 2-Motion folding and unfolding of Axglo E5 for quick and easy setup
  • Fully adjustable handle height for all height and age groups
  • Adjustable bag strap for most bags of any size
  • USB Charging port to power any personal devices (Mobile Phone etc.).

How To Use

1. To turn on the Axglo e5: Press and hold the central dial for two seconds (The Cart is in lock mode)

   - Press the central dial once to unlock the cart or through the corresponding APP or remote control

2. To activate the Power-Assisted Speed Control: Press the central dial twice.

   - Rotate the central dial clockwise: Accelerate (Max speed: 9km/h)

   - Rotate the central dial counter clockwise: Decelerate (Min speed: 0km/h)

   - To stop the cart/exit the assisted speed control mode: Press the central dial once (at this time, the cart is in lock mode)

   - Touch the central dial again. The Cart is now unlocked and in standby state.

3. To activate the Follow Me mode: Press the "doggie" key, press again to exit the follow mode

   - Place the remote control in your back pocket for better connectivity with the cart.

4. Remote control mode: Turn on the power key on the remote control and move the joystick/central key towards the direction you want the cart to move.

5. Remote cruising mode: Turn on the power key on the remote control and quickly toggle the joystick/central key upwards twice to Speed 1 (0-4km/h) 

   - Push up again to Speed 2 (5-7km/h)

   - Push up for the third time to Speed 3 (7-9km/h)

6. Function indicator light: 

    Red: Locked

    Yellow: Remote Control

    Green: Follow Me

    Blue: Unlocked/Standby/ Manual Push



  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Motor : 440 W (2 x 220W) Dual Powerful Brushless Hub Motors
  • Dimensions: 25” (L) x 16.5” (W) x 14.75” (H)
  • Weight: Without Battery - 14KG
  • With Battery - 16 KG
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 10050mAh
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Stays in place during transportation
  • Charging Time: 6 Hours
  • Lithium Battery can be charged on the cart OR off the cart
  • 24-months battery warranty from the date of purchase (Additional 2-year pro-rated warranty on battery)



The Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart will follow you around the golf course like a shadow.  It offers the best of all world for walking with excellent stability, easy of use, follow mode, long battery life and a secure ride for your bag.  With just a tweak to the remote this cart would be just about perfect.  As it is now it is still the best electric push cart for 2023.  I enjoyed every round I’ve used it for and have finished every 18 holes impressed by “Shadow”.

Safe Use of Your Cart

  • Maximum load capacity: 20kg
  • Submerging the cart in water will cause damage to the cart. We recommend using the manual push mode while crossing a bridge or in a limited space, like a parking lot.
  • Before transportation, the battery must be disconnected from the cart.
  • When parking on a slope, please do not turn off the power and remember to press the stop key (‘Cloud’ key). Turning off the power would disable the electric braking system of the cart.
  • Do not store your cart in the open air.
  • When it rains heavily, protect the cart from the rain and try to cover it with an umbrella.
  • Please use a soft dry towel to wipe off the excess mud, dirt or water from the cart.
  • Keep the main folding track clean and well lubricated.
  • The battery will be able to complete around 36 holes on a single charge when used in normal conditions (however this is not guaranteed). We encourage users of Lithium batteries to top-up between rounds whenever possible. The battery is not designed to complete 18 holes over consecutive days on a single charge. Battery capacity will reduce over time and can be affected by frequency of use and charging conditions.

In what situations does the remote control vibrate?

  • When the remote control's battery is low.
  • When there is an obstruction between the remote control and the cart, such as a passing person or another vehicle.
  • When the distance between the remote control and the cart exceeds the maximum range.
  • When the battery power drops below 10%, the remote control will vibrate intermittently as indicated in the manual.
  • When a cart equipped with anti-crash bumper sensor detects an obstacle.





Axglo electric golf push cart and charger have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers product problems or manufacturing defects. Axglo will bear the shipping costs for sending parts or transporting the electric golf push cart to Canada in the event of manufacturing defects. 

Failures due to accidental damage, improper use (wear and tear), self-dismantling or misuse are not covered. 

The standard warranty guarantee is subject to the following exclusions: 

  • Accidental damage, abuse or misuse 
  • Abnormal wear and tear
  • Rental or commercial usage 
  • Product modification 
  • Repairs by an unauthorized service technician 
  • Failure to follow battery charging instructions 
  • Failure to follow battery storage instruction 
  • Discharging battery to lower than 8 volts. 
  • Removal or defacing of serial numbers from any item invalidates the warranty.

If your Axglo electric golf push cart's damage is determined to be caused by any of the mentioned issues,  there will be no warranty coverage and the owner will be responsible for covering the shipping fees, as well as the costs associated with replacement parts and maintenance. Please retain original packaging and inserts for returns. In the event that original packaging and inserts are not available, Axglo would be happy to ship original packaging boxes and inserts to you at your expense.


If your Axglo electric golf cart is submerged in water, please remove the battery; do not charge the battery, and contact Axglo as soon as possible for operation. Before returning any electric cart back to Axglo for maintenance, the owner must provide the return authorization number issued by Axglo. Returning without the authorization number will be refused. If you have any questions, please call +1 (866) 960 5255 and Axglo’s customer service team will tell you how to deal with it over the phone or email at .

Repairs or replacements covered by Axglo do not carry a new warranty beyond that of the original purchase. The warranties contained herein are offered as an additional benefit and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. Axglo reserves the right to request for a proof of purchase. 

Please note warranty covered parts installed by an Axglo Certified Technician carry up to 2 years warranty from the original purchase date. Axglo Electric push cart serviced by non AXGLO technicians will void the warranty and cannot be returned. 

Axglo Lithium Battery and Charger Warranty

The Axglo Lithium battery and charger are both covered by a full 24 month warranty from the date of purchase. In addition to the standard 24 month warranty Axglo offers a 5 year limited warranty (additional 3 years of pro-rated warranty) on the battery (this excludes the charger). In order to qualify for the 5 year limited warranty please register your warranty online or use the relevant warranty registration card included with purchase. 

If your product should fail during the 3rd year of ownership Axglo will offer you a brand new replacement for 50% of the current listed purchase price of the product. Year 4, 70% of the listed purchase price and year 5, 85% of the listed purchase price. Any purchased product will come with a new 2-year warranty. Please note that due to the nature of batteries, the product is only covered to complete 18 holes during years 3 to 5. 

In order for Axglo to deem something eligible for replacement under warranty (full or pro-rated), Axglo needs to have the items returned to Axglo for inspection and testing. Please refer to our Shipping & Returns section for full details and steps to facilitating a return to Axglo. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. Any breakage caused by accidental damage or as a result of abuse or misuse or commercial use is not covered. 


If your battery & charger pass our testing, or if they have failed due to damage caused by use/abuse, you will be responsible for all shipping charges involved in the return, and there will be no warranty coverage. Only parts installed by a Certified Axglo Technician carry the full warranty; parts replaced by non-Axglo technicians do not carry a warranty and cannot be returned once they have been in use.

Electric Cart Comparison

Axglo E5
Axglo E3 
Follow-Me Mode
✓  ✓ 
Power Assisted Speed Control Mode
Remote Control Mode
✓  ✓ 
Remote Cruising Mode
✓  ✓ 
Manual Push Mode
✓  ✓ 
Anti-Tipping Technology (No Rear Wheel Needed)
Folded Dimension
25" (L) x 16.5" (W) x 14.75" (H) 32.5" (L) x 16.5" (W) x14.5" (H)
Weight with Battery
16 KG 16 KG
Weight without Battery
14 KG 14 KG
Lithium Standard Battery Capacity
Up to 36 holes (10050mAh) Up to 36 holes (10050mah)
Upgrade to Ultra Battery 
Up to 48 holes Up to 48 holes
Dual Powerful Motor
220W X 2 (440W)  220W X 2 (440W)
Voltage / Tension
24V 24V
360° Front Swivel Wheels
Number of Wheels
4 4
Number of Folds
Patent 2-Step Fold  Patent 1-Step Fold 
Aluminum  Aluminum 
Adjustable Handle
✓  ✓ 
Umbrella Holder
✓  ✓ 
Beverage Holder
✓  ✓ 
Phone Holder
Number of Storage Bins
1 1
Frame Color
Grey Black / White
Wheels Color
Grey Red / White
E-Cart Warranty
2 Years 2 Years
Battery Warranty
2 Years 2 Years
CAD 2,299.99 CAD 1,999.99


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Thomas Millner
Love my new E5

Out of the box perfect..easy to understand and have already played a round..great job Axglo

Phil Harper
Way worth the money

I love the follow cart feature. Although I’d invent a better holder for remote, a plastic carrier with magnet that metal clip to belt that magnets on and off. Other than that I love it

Krzysztof Sopel
Great cart with many nice features

I have now played 7 rounds with my E5. Below are the pros and cons:
1. Large cart which allows to use only 4 wheels (doesn't need the additional 2 wheels other carts require). In my experience, tipping one is user error. I have done it once, had it on cruise control in front of me and I was on my phone. Completely my fault.
2. Battery lasts 2x longer than advertised, although I've never played more than one round. One round is usually about 25% on the regular, 36 hole battery.
3. Cruise control - I use it often, I wish there was maybe a separate button just to enable my favorite speed quickly.
4. Follow me feature - works very well and the cart stays behind me. I even use it on bridges and close to hazards. It is very predictable.
5. Everything feels very nice and premium. Rides very smoothly.

1. Remote doesn't have a great range. Especially when you have something between you and the cart.
2. At times, when I turn the follow mode on, the cart stays too far for too long.
3. Wheels gather dirt and grass, especially when you play when it is wet. This is normal with any cart, but just wanted to mention it requires some cleaning between rounds.

To add one more thing - maybe programmers could look into doing something like this in the future. Using your apple watch to control the cart, including those new finger gestures would be a next level feature. Imagine tapping your fingers to make it go, another gesture to stop etc. I hope features like that will eventually make it to electric carts. Thanks again for a great product!

John Murphy
e5 review

Received the e5 about 1.5 weeks ago. Took longer than expected but realize that it is highly popular and in fact not available until later this year. Found this out from friend who tried to buy after talking with me.

Review packaging; Well packaged, easy to setup with all parts and accessories contained.

Instructions are OK. The battery has a note that says remove protective something or other from battery, but nothing is apparent. It's a small black plastic sleeve that covers the electrical connectors for the battery/e5 plug.

The app is used for changing settings on the e5. Easy to link to phone and e5 but the app in Android does not have an apparent close button. I have to close out by force stopping the app, which is annoying.

Operation has been flawless. Follow feature has not had one issue and e5 is incredibly quiet. I have to turn around and check to make sure it's really there, and it is.

I have tried to get it to tip over and did so one time in my steep backyard. I wanted to know how well it would handle slopes as my course has an uphill or downhill on every hole. No issues.

I have a carry bag that I have been using with no issues. Straps are secure and work. Storage in unit is appreciated, but should have an external card holder on storage door.

If I had a contract to sell these I could! But doesn't seem to be an issue Axglo has at present.

Paul Ueunten
Highly Recommend

Previously owned Aphard V2 and Motocaddy M7. The E5 follow mode is a game changer and after 4 outings with it, gave away my Aphard(Motocaddy was sold long ago). E5 had an intermittent follow problem at end of second round. Suspect remote charge was low. Recommend charging remote at same time as cart battery. Have not had problem since. Noticed E3 and E5 now sold out..

Axglo e5 - Electric Golf Push Cart
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