Back-Order: Ship in EARLY JULY Axglo e-Cart Seat">

Back-Order: Ship in EARLY JULY Axglo e-Cart Seat

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Back-Order Now! Estimated Shipping Date: Early July

E-Carts Seats Will Fit:

* Axglo E3

* Axglo E5 

If you purchased the E3 before 2023, you may need an extra part to install the seat, please contact with a PICTURE of your left rear wheel bracket



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bryan Wright

I love my E5. The seat is a great accessory. One of the things I would recommend improving is the remote holder. It is a problem to keep it attached to your remote. Overall, Axglo has hit a home run with the E5 and it is a joy to use!

Daniel Roland
Follow mode is great

Follow mode works really well, and I use it 95% of the time. It has mostly been really a good purchase, but there have been a few issues. It powers off sometimes for no apparent reason. It’s supposed to time out and shut off, which I have seen, but there been other time it shut off after only a minute or two. One or twice a bump knocked the battery lose. Second issue is when you put it in cruise control, which I try to do to send it to the next Teebox as I’m walking to the green, it goes super slow, so slow that I can’t wait for it and have to get to the Green to hit my putt. When you are in manual mode steering can be very erratic. When you first start moving, it is very erratic. But once you get it up to speed, it is much easier to steer, although I do find the steering to be very sensitive. I’m still working through these issues, but I still would recommend purchasing this above the other popular carts in this price range.

Johnson Cheng

Axglo e-Cart Seat

Thomas Millner
Love the new seat

Seat worked as promised! Love it

Edward Day
Cart with a seat

I am really happy with my E5 but being able to sit on occasion makes the experience more enjoyable. I bought the E5 because I needed to get out of the cart and get more exercise. I can't push a cart 18 and some 18s are stretched out. Being able to sit anywhere really helps.

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