Axglo Phone Holder

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John Murphy
Phone Holder

Doesn't fit my Samsung S20FE. Wouldn't use it anyways as I don't use my phone on the course.

Jeffrey Wonderley
Axglo Phone Holder

Too big for my iphone 14 and generall seems like a flimsy product

Gerardo Rossano
iPhone holder blocks the touch screen

Hi guys ,
First of all I am very very happy with men Anglo E5 love it!!
The only thing that I am really disappointing is the phone holder to the point that I tried to buy a bike holder.
This is my feedback . The elastic bands of the cradle make the touch screen almost impossible to use. For example If I want to check my Arccos app to see the distance or open a message the elastic bands are touching the screen and competing with my finger touch so I need to remoce the phone 80% of the times to be able to unlock and use the car.
Other push carts offer a basic holder that can adjust to the size of the car leaving the entire screen free to use.
Also I dont see how I can buy and adapt one due to the push card doesn’t have too many option to adapt one.
If you have any new product coming soon that can offer a better phone holder experience I would buy 100%
IF you need more feedback below my phone number
Congrats on the epush cart is awesome love Ii !!!

Jason Brick
Phone holder

Holds the phone well, durable material should hold up throughout the golf season

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