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E5 / E3 Electric Push Cart

Our NEW E5 electric golf push cart is the ultimate upgrade for any golfer looking to enhance their game and enjoy a more comfortable experience on the course. With features like easy-to-use controls, Following mode, adjustable speed settings, and a long-lasting battery.

E5 electric golf push cart is the perfect solution for golfers of all skill levels.

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AX22 Package Set

AX 22 - Men's Complete Golf Set / 16 Pieces
AX 22 - Ladies' Complete Golf Set / 16 Pieces
Includes: Driver Fairway 2 Hybrids 6 Irons Putter 4 Head Covers Cart Bag

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Axglo E5 Electric Golf Cart

You'll definitely love our full functionality E-Cart!
5 Control Modes with Foldable Front Wheels to Save Storage Space!

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Essential Golf Accessories

Axglo 68


4 Colors (Black, Red, Blue, Silver)

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Axglo golf mitts


Material with soft performance lambswool inner

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Axglo Golf Push Cart Blue Rain Cover


Keeps bag and equipment dry

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Axglo Ball Retriever


Aluminum shaft construction for extra durability

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Enjoy Every Step with Golf Push Cart

Customer Reviews

5 Star Review

Since my first review, I noticed they changed the name to "E3", better than nothing I suppose. Anyway, still love this cart. Actually more than when I first got it. I've had this for about 4 months now, and have learned a little bit and am better able to use this cart.

The design of this cart is awesome. It looks good, it works good and even the tire tread is awesome.
Jimmy Moffet



My wife and I each own an ECart from Axglo.

I had some difficulties with random behavior of the E-Cart. I had to ship the E-Cart to Axglo's Toronto office.

They fixed the Cart in a few days and it's working great again.

Excellent product and service.



Everything about the purchase was terrific! Have used the E-3 twice and couldn't be happier with its performance. Would definitely recommend Axglo and the E-3!
Jim Weed


Axglo E3

I previously had an MGI zip cart. the main reason for my purchase was the follow feature. At this point not many carts have the follow feature and if they do they are significantly more expensive. I LOVE The FOLOOW FEATURE and I use 99% of the time .
Overall this cart is excellent. I highly recommend it.
Burton Poitras



Replaced the rear wheels on my 12 year old Axglo Flip n go golf cart. Order place on line and new wheels arrived in four days. Actual replacement took five minutes later using a 3/4 inch socket. Works good as new.
Arthur McKenzie


Storage Bag

The bag is well made and fits the cart like a glove. It is excellent in the trunk and keeps it clean from dirt and mud.
Lyse Brothman



Exactly what I needed. I’m over pleased with the service I got. Exactly the part I needed and ultra fast shipping, what else could I ask for. Thank you very much.


Umbrela knob

Although this was a small purchase the service was EXEPTIONAL. Exelent follow up very concsice and clear communication. I will HIGHLY recommend your products to all my friends. Thankyou very much
richard berube



From the Àxglo site, I could only get a white and I would have liked a red one and with Zoe's help, she got me one, which was supposed to be out of stock. thanks again. As for the handle, wish I would have got some instruction for the replacement as it got very tricky but I got it done.
Guy Lécuyer


Keeps car trunk cleaner

The storage bag does a good job of keeping the dirt from the golf cart confined to the bag especially on a wet golf course. It takes more time to load the golf equipment into the car, but the trunk needs less cleaning. The bag appears to be well made. Overall I'm satisfied with the final result.


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