Since 2009, we have made the commitment to provide you with state of the art push carts andother golf accessories at the best price in the market. We are able to pull this off because of our dedication to continuously innovate and improve everyone of the products we make available to our customers.

Our team of in-house designers and engineers dedicate their effort and time to sourcing the best materials at the best price possible. This gives us the advantage of making products that are of equivalent or better quality than the ones offered by more expensive brands.

We have you – our beloved customer – in mind when we create and design our products. Right from the beginning of a design to the end, we always consider the best approach to create the type of products that will provide you with the maximum comfort you deserve when you go out to play golf with your buddies.

A major reason why we are able to offer better quality products at an affordable price is because we own our manufacturing facilities. This means our in-house designers and engineers can tweak our products multiple times till they can manufacture the type of products that appeals to your personality. Our engineers put a lot of work into making our products easy to use so you and your golfing buddies can operate them without experiencing any form of difficulty. Take our pushcart, for example; you can unfold it in just one step. We create more time for you to enjoy more games with your buddies, by making our products seamless and easy to operate products. This way you spend less time handling your golf accessories, and more time happily playing golf.

We take it one step further to meet customer needs by quickly responding to any after sales requests you and our other customers have. We prioritize quality service, and we do all we can to offer it in the best way possible.

 To make sure we stay true to our mission, we established our personal manufacturing and research facilities. This is where our experienced designers andengineers continue to improve each and every one of our products. It helps us keep the promise we made to our customers when we newly began, which is – to continue to create innovative and next generation products that will make thegolfing experience of our customers easy and full of fun.

Throughout the years, we’ve met the needs of our customers by:
●       Providing them with more affordable and better golf products.
●       Making products using leadingedge technology, and also ensuring they function as they should.
●       Making products that are easyto use.
●       Offering them excellent customer service so they can get as much feedback as they need till they are completely satisfied.

At Axglo, we are constantly innovating and creating better products that meet the needs of our clients. And in the nearest future, we will be a global leader in the golf pushcart marketplace.

Our Story

Why Choose From Us

Through a commitment to continuous investment in innovation and ongoing improvement, we provide all our customers with the most innovative golf push carts, while maintaining flexibility with our manufacturing allowing for both trend setting and well-priced golf carts.

Competitive Price

One major reason we are able to offer superior golf push carts at better rates is because we own our manufacturing and research facilities.
This added advantage provides us with the opportunity to serve you and golfers around the world better. Our in-house Designers and Engineers have all they need to research and create innovative golf push carts with leading edge technology that isn’t available to most.
Thanks to this, golfers around the world now have direct access to quality golf push carts, at rates not offered elsewhere.

LeadingEdge Technology and Functionality

Our golf pushcarts are created with leading edge design and technology. This is to make sure the functionality of our golf pushcarts is of the highest quality and remains incomparable to others available in the market. Our in-house Designers and Engineers take full advantage of our research facilities to create products that are 100% human centric.
We do this to make sure golfers don’t experience any form of difficulty or stress when they make use of our smart golf push carts on the golf course.
Providing golfers around the world with state-of-the-art golf push carts is our main focus.

Excellent Customer Service

When you need more clarification on a function you don’t fully understand, our customer service is always available to provide you with all the information you need concerning our golf push carts. You won’t be left to figure things out for yourself after purchase.
We will be there with you all the way, till you completely understand the full functionality of your efficiently remarkable golf push carts, so you can make use of them whenever you want, without hassle.
We are always quick to respond to any customer request for after sales service, and we go beyond that by continuously integrating the customer feedback we get into the new designs and products we create.

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