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The video for my 2010 Equipment and Business Awards is up here. Props again to videographer Brian Bileski, awards host Chris Fry and my web editor Kristina Rutherford. All three did yeoman’s work helping me with the individual equipment product categories for the 9th annual ‘Youngers.' Thanks guys.

I saw the video for the first time yesterday afternoon. Brilliant gaffe I made in the Driver of the Year category. Did you catch it? It was hard to miss. Mistakenly I said “Adams” instead of “Cobra” in naming the Cobra ZL (Zero Limits) my big stick winner for 2010. Apologies to both companies for the faux pas.

When it comes to web video shorter time frames are always more desirable based on people’s viewing habits. One problem: sticking to a time limit pretty much rules out any detailed explanation as to why a product won a specific category. That said here’s a few more thoughts on why Ecco Golf’s Golf Street Premier footwear is my 2010 Product of the Year.

Golf Street to me is a great case study for how to take a product to the marketplace. First, Ecco created a uniquely styled product. Its R&D staff gave Golf Street great form, functionality and comfort, they added distinctive details (including two lace colours for each shoe in the line) and also gave the product crossover appeal as multi-functional footwear for on or off the golf course.

Perhaps the most important marketing element to Golf Street was its tour validation by staff member Fred Couples. The former Masters Champion remains not only one of golf’s most popular players but also one of its fashion benchmarks. Add in tightly controlled distribution of Ecco Golf Street to the retail sector and you had a product in high demand by consumers.

Congratulations to Ecco. Golf Street was well crafted start to finish.

Video time constraints did not allow me to reveal my Canadian Product of the Year for 2010, so here it is.


Catwalk Performance Artwear’s Zippy Jacket, Sunice V2 jacket, Axglo’s Flip n Go push cart, Sundog Mela-Lens glass, Miura Golf – K Grind wedge.

Drumroll, please....



The Scarborough company takes top honours this year for its ridiculously compact four wheel push cart.

The 4 Wheel Flip n’ Go folds down to a mere 24” by 15” by 11”, making it the industry’s smallest cart product and one easily folded and unfolded with its patented glide-folding/unfolding mechanism.

But Flip n’ Go’s attributes go far beyond its compact design and portability. From the aspect of function the cart is light (made from aircraft grade aluminium), it’s durable, has a maintenance-free four wheel system giving it not only outstanding stability but also smooth manoeuvring, and it fits pretty much any size golf bag.

Axglo added the extras too: easy hand brake function, umbrella and beverage holders, a console for golf balls and adjustable handles to custom fit a user’s preference.

Did I mention the three-year warranty?

Great job by Axglo on the 4 Wheel Flip n’ Go Push Cart. Conceptually this Canadian-based product is as good as any push cart on the market today.

Stay tuned: Monday I’ll annouce my 2010 Company of the Year and Canadian Company of the Year.

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