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Trilite 2014 measurement 24.8 x 16.7 x 12.8 inches (folded)
Flip n’ Go 2014 measurement 25.5 x 16.7 x 12.5 inches (folded)
ASD-01 meassurement 36 x 16.” x 16 inches (folded)
Approximately 14.5 pounds for Trilite
Approximately 15 pounds for Filp'N'Go
Approximately 9.5 pounds for ASD-01
Yes, just click the Customer Service tab on the main page, and under Warranty Registration you can register your golf push cart.
a) Warranty valid for products purchased from an authorized retailer.
b) Axglo warrants the golf push cart for 1 year from the date of purchase. We will provide replacement and warranty service free of charge for any manufacturing defect found on Axglo, but not misused.
However please note that registration and proof of original purchase date is needed to obtain service under warranty
Axglo uses FedEx calculation to estimate shipping costs. However Axglo reserves the right to use any delivery services.
Sorry! we don't accept C.O.D. Payment has been paid by Paypal or Credit Card
The golf push carts are repairable if the carts are not purposely damaged or abused. Based on the condition of the damage and the terms of the limited warranty. Accessories are not repairable.
Accessories are purchase directly through us. If in the US/Canada, please call (416)292-1380 in Canada and outside Canada or in the US 1-866-960-5255.
Follow the Where to Buy link, if your country is not listed contact us and we will direct you to the closest retailer or sales agent.
We highly recommend customer email the photo of the cart that they bought to and particularly show the parts that they want to replace. We will advise with solution
To unfold the push cart:
a) Release the front red toggle
b) Step on the front wheel to stabilize the cart
c) Pull the handle upwards then away from the front wheel to unfold the cart.
To fold the push cart:
a) Release the top and front red toggle
b) Place your foot on the front wheel to prevent cart from rolling
c) Push handle towards and down to fold the cart until the middle clip clicks on the frame
d) Lock the front toggle
For visual instructions please watch the video for the Flip n’ Go or 15th Club golf push cart.
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