Axglo Electric Push Cart Battery - STANDARD

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$449.99 CAD
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Battery Specification :

  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Capacity: 10500mAh
  • Weight: 2 KG
  • Charging Time: 6 Hours
  • Minimum of 27 Holes of playing time
  • Warranty: 2 Years

    We have additional 2-year pro-rated warranty on batteries of all Axglo E-Carts. If you wish to buy a new battery for your E-Cart to replace the old one:

  • 3rd YEAR : 50% OFF
  • 4th YEAR : 25% OFF

    *You MUST RETURN OLD BATTERY to get the discount.


    Additional Information

  • Lithium Battery can be charged on the cart OR off the cart
  • This battery will complete at least 27 holes on a single charged when used in normal conditions. Battery capacity will reduce over time and can be affected by frequency of use, quality of care and charging conditions.


  • Please store the battery in the cool and dry environment
  • Please cover the charging connector when unplugged
  • Designed for Axglo Electric Golf Push Cart ONLY
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Richard Eisenberg
    Great cart with ooor instructions

    So far the cart has worked well. I have used both follow and manual assist modes. I am very disappointed in the instruction manual…explanations on how to switch modes and switch from controls on the cart to the remote are not very clear.

    Axglo Electric Cart Purchase from Canada Disappointing

    I have tested the cart a couple times and it operates as advertised.

    The purchase of the cart from Axglo Canada was disappointing. Axglo gave a discount of $70 USD. The price for the purchase seems like a better buy than from US suppliers. The overall cost to purchase the cart from Axglo Canada is much more than from US distributers. Axglo indicates that they only sell the product and do not address tariff issues. Axglo claims to not know the tariff cost. The cost is $308 for government taxes and UPS services (approximately $60). The cost for the cart is now over $100 more than the purchase price in the US. In my opinion, Axglo should be up front and tell US purchasers to purchase from US distributers because it will be cheaper. Instead, Axglo shipped out the product so that they can get their profit and not give purchasers opportunity to cancel the order for the overpriced cost.

    David Meyers
    Great so far

    I have only used the cart twice but so far it has lived up to expectations. Follow mode is very easy to use. You just have to be aware of where it is behind you and swing wide around obstructions. The remote is taking a little getting used to.
    I bought direct from Axglo and live in the US. I had to pay a separate import import tax to the shipper

    Jason Wilson
    Golf Tractor

    My wife Calls this my golf tractor. Best purchase ever. Works flawlessly. The follow me feature is legit. When I’m done putting I just hit the button and my bag is right next to me in seconds and off to the next hole. Don’t second guess buying this. It changes the experience for sure. I added a little metal plate to the back to hold my gps speaker. Walk up to the whole distance is there and swing away.

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